San Diego to Ensenada

Border to Bus, a Three-Block Walk


We begin our adventure from somewhere in San Diego. It could be at any of the trolley stations. This one happens to be the parking oasis at Palm Avenue. You can leave your car up to three days for free. Longer than that, and it's a good idea to find some other parking.

They DO check for tickets on the trolley. Take some one-dollar bills for the ticket machines. Don't get flustered if the trolley comes and leaves while you are fumbling with your change, another one will be along soon.

This is the Blue Line trolley that will take you to the San Ysidro border crossing at Tijuana.

How do you know it's the Blue Line? Read the sign, silly!

This formidible edifice is the ramp up and over the U.S. - Mexico border.

It's impossible to get lost here. Just follow the crowd.



It's amazing, what can be pushed thru the revolving gates.

Here is the scene, once you exit the gates. If you can't find a yourself a taxi, the helpful citizens will try to locate one for you.

We're heading for the bus station which is only two blocks away, so we'll decline their help for the moment. Turn to the right...


...and walk this way across the street.

Let's get our bearings here. See that arch way in the background? That's on Ave. Revolucion. Turn left and you're in the tourist district. Turn right and you're in the red light district. Just thought you'd like to know.

Directly ahead is the plaza where you can find a dentist for a cheap root canal, and a pharmacist to help you forget about it. No kidding, this is a major industry here, and a lot of people are happy with the service. Like me.

Okay, cross the street and turn left...

...and walk South. "No taxi, gracias!"

Cross the next street, and keep going.

One more block, and...



I've always used ABC, on the right. The buses have assigned seating, and you should ask at the desk if you have any preferences. I'll choose a seat on the right for the trip down, to get a better view of the ocean. But the driver is the one in charge, and if he says "al su gusto" it's every man for himself.

Mexicans will usually close the drapes so they can sleep or watch the movie. Make sure you get control of the drapes on your window, or you may not be able to enjoy the scenery, which is some of the nicest coastline on the western side of the continent.

Take a warm sweater out before you stow your bag. These buses are air-conditioned, and they turn it on full-blast for you to enjoy.

Have a great time in Ensenada, take lots of pictures, and don't forget to email home.